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Glossary of Direct Mail Terms

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Bulk Mail  - A class of mail for sending large quantities of direct mail at a reduced rate.

CASS Certification  - Software, also known as Coding Accuracy Support System, that corrects, standardizes and adds to addresses with missing information to ensure the mailing address is complete. Using CASS Certification may qualify for discounted postage rates from the USPS because a corrected address saves time, money and manpower during the mail delivery process.

Direct Response Advertising  - Promotions that prompt an inquiry, an order or a visit.

Flat - A flat is any rectangular or square mail piece that is too large in at least one direction to be a letter. If you draw a rectangle that is 6 1/8 inches by 11 1/2 inches, which are the maximum dimensions for a letter, and you set your mail piece down on the rectangle and any of it is outside of the rectangle, it is a flat. Even if your piece still fits within these dimensions, but is thicker than 1/4 inch, your piece is a flat.

House List  - A company's own file of customers.

Intelligent Bar Coding  - As known as IM Barcode, is a 65-bar code of varying heights and helps with mail deliverability.  As of January 2013, automated mail requires an IM Barcode.

Letter  - Letters are any piece of mail shaped like a rectangle or square. If you draw a rectangle that is 6 1/8 inches by 11 1/2 inches and you can set your mail piece down on the rectangle and not have any of it outside of the rectangle, it is a letter (as long as it's not too small and not more than 1/4 inch thick).

Lettershop  - A company that handles the printing and the mailing of a direct mail piece.

Merge/Purge  - A process by which multiple lists are combined to remove duplicates.

NCOA  - National Change of Address process used to update and verify addresses in the event prospects have moved or are no longer at an address.

Postcard  - A mail piece that is rectangular in shape with a height of no more than 4 1/4 inches, a width of no more than 6 inches and a thickness of no more than 0.016 inches.

Postcard Marketing - A less expensive way to get a short message out to a local area or to a specific target audience.

Real Estate Agent Postcard Marketing  - A relatively inexpensive way for realtors to keep in touch with current customers and grow their business by blanketing a local area on a regular basis.

Self-Mailer  - A folded mail piece that is not contained within an envelope.

Suppression File - A list of those customer records that you want to remove or block from mailing.

Tabbing  - Sealing your self-mailer, or mail piece that will not be delivered in an envelope, with wafer seals follows USPS guidelines and ensures your mailing reaches its intended destination.